(Papers are in Hungarian origin only, the title are translated)

China-Poland-Czech republic-Germany workshop of the chemical use of coal and renewable sources for the creation of the circular coal economy (15.04.2015., Berlin): link

The methanol economy – presentation on the 22nd May, 2015 in Vienna, Austria in German Die Methanolwirtschaft AFI Plattform Fossile Brennstoffe BMWFW (22.05.2015., Wien): link

By the 1st March 2015 the company had prepared and later deposited at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office its study „The role of coal in the World and the possibilities of restarting coal mining in Hungary”: link

Budapest University Of Technology And Economics Student Association of Energy (16 October, 2014)
Coal gasification / why and how: link

Presentation on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Geological Society
Clean Coal Technologies Myths and Reality (11th June, 2014): link

Presentation at the Budapest Technical University: link

MINING – Mining and Metallurgy Magazine 147. Year No.2. (June 2014)
23rd European Coal Round Table – Action plan for the coal: link

Coal preaparation etrial with double cycloning (2013): link

MINING – Mining and Metallurgy Magazine 146. Year No. 3. (June 2013)
The extension of the opportunities of the coal use in Hungary: link

The option to increase the coal use in Hungary (2013): link

Plannable future of the energy policy –  presentation (2012): link

The future of the miners and the effect of the climate change to the employment in Mining Conference: link

Presentation on the clean coal technologies: link

Presentation on the perspectives of coal use (2010): link

Opinion GEOS Freiberg (17th September 2009): link

Declaration of Plausibility (8th May 2009): link