The horizontal effect of the application of the clean coal technology is that countries in the Middle European region with significant coal production and coal based energy supply could be interested in common development programs. In the EU’s Horizon2020 research programs the clean energy and clean coal technologies have a great attention. We are attaching great importance to the finding of suitable financial sources and using existing ones as well.

Our first strategic goal is the creation of a Hungarian market for the local coal processing of products. We invest serious efforts in opening a smaller open-pit mine near Nagymányok based on the 2,3 million tons coal resource. There is a theoretical possibility to separate certain materials i.e rare earths metal. Biomass and waste can be cogasified with the coal. Further on beyond the use of the hydrogen in the syngas the hydrogen generated with the off-peak electricity from renewables and the nuclear power plant can be involved, and also the ventilation methane from the deep mine can be used.

For this plan it is necessary to learn, set up technology chains and adapt different up to date   environmentally friendly coal processing technologies which are already in use in other parts of the world for the exploitation and processing of the coal resources (i.e. clean coal technologies, chemical use, and gasification). The adaptation/development of the most promising technologies should be executed by the involvement of acknowledged strategic and professional partners respectively we could support the realization with our professional knowledge as advisors.