If we have electricity, we have everything –an advertising states. It is a fact that without electricity, we can’t even imagine how our lifes would be. It is quite natural for us, that electricity is available the same way as car fuel is.

The energy consumption in the European Union grows steadily. The energy supply of the Union the fossil sources are still the mainstay. The EU cannot meet its needs with either of the traditional energy fuel feedstock material, it is importing them at different proportions.

Good Luck! – this is how miners are greeting each other in Hungary since 1893

Mining is one of the most important industrial activities of Hungary. Mining products are essential for the society, the electrical energy production and for the construction and road building industry. When evaluating mining besides the immediate profitability the wider aspects of mining activity should also be considered: contributing to the country’s budget by taxes and levies, improving the foreign trade balance, producing marketable products, securing workplaces in areas long stricken by high jobless rates and last but not least, improving the supply security of the country. (Source: Utilization possibilities of the Hungarian Mineral Resources – Summary 5th March 2014 Hungarian Mining and Metallurgy Association)

The use of the Hungarian coal resources as a chemical block or as energy fuel is less risky as the imported raw material and energy fuel i.e. natural gas are prone to different unpredictable factors.

Coal mining can be restarted only when the appropriate profitability can be secured along with the adherence to the environmental rules.